About Us

The Arc Dearborn

The Arc Dearborn was founded in 1954 by a group of local families concerned with ensuring their children with developmental disabilities would not be forgotten by the educational system.   For nearly sixty years, The Arc Dearborn has provided advocacy and community inclusion opportunities for community members with disabilities and their families.  Unique among the affiliated Arc chapters of Southeast Michigan, The Arc Dearborn offers a Community Program – the focus of which is to provide opportunities for community involvment and inclusion, and provide enriching opportunities to socialize and integrate with and among the social fabric of the Metro Detroit area as a whole.

OFFICERS 2012-2013

Robert Altizer, President
Ray Denny, Vice President
Mark Mitchell, Treasurer
Brian Earle, Secretary


Deb Barry
Crista Burns
Bob Dickson
Robert Draper
Melissa Shufeldt
Bob Smedley


Lisa M. Nygord