Program Director Job Description

The Arc Dearborn Community Program

JOB DESCRIPTION: Program Director



The Director of the Community Program is responsible for the operations of the community program in accordance with The Arc’s philosophy and those established by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities with focus on person-centered plans and self-determination. Develops community programs for inclusion in the community, evaluates individuals in the program and develops goals based on community based activities focusing on participant’s choices. In addition the director will in-service staff on goals, attend PCP meetings, and provide monthly reports to the support coordinators on the goals. The director supervises all staff members and insures that all workers adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by The Arc Dearborn’s Board of Directors.




  1. Responsible for the running of the program and adhering to The Arc philosophy of self-determination.
  2. Maintaining staff – interviewing and hiring new staff, monitoring time off/vacation and sick time, daily attendance logs, resolving personnel issues, performing disciplinary action as needed, keep current training on CPR and First Aid, Recipient Rights Training and other training as needed.
  3. Perform Fire Evacuation at least four times per year.
  4. Follow-up on Recipient Rights complaints.
  5. Conduct staff meetings and resolve issues and concerns of staff.
  6. Supervise filing of all documents.
  7. Act as liaison with families, group homes, and support agencies.
  8. Communicates verbally and in writing to families and support system.
  9. Develops and monitors plans, for daily participant needs.
  10. Monitors outings.
  11. Develops and monitors plans for maintenance & upkeep of facility.
  12. Maintain positive interaction with visiting professionals.
  13. Attend meetings as assigned by the Executive Director.
  14. Further development of volunteer and community activities.
  15. Assures that required reports and documentation are completed and submitted to appropriate agencies in an accurate and timely manner.
  16. Act as advocate for participants as needed.
  17. Assist in crisis intervention and notify the appropriate persons.
  18. Participate in seminars, workshops and conferences to continue professional growth.
  19. Performs other related duties assigned by the Executive Director.



  1. Perform initial screening and assessments for all participants of the program.
  2. With involvement from participant and their support system develop goals for each participant.
  3. Keep track of PCP scheduling.
  4. Attend PCP of each participant with family and team.
  5. In-service staff on new goals.
  6. Written monthly monitoring of goals and community outings.
  7. Monitor daily data sheets.
  8. Submit all documentation as required by MCPN’s.
  9. Develop work skills with participants.
  10. Familiarize with D.D, culture and practices, for example:
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Community Inclusion
  • Self-determination
  1. Supervise Fieldwork students and requirements as outline by participating universities.



  1. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in supervisory position.
  2. Registered with the State of Michigan and maintain valid and current license.
  3. Certified in CPR and First Aid and Recipient Rights training.
  4. Current valid Driver’s License, good driving record and no criminal record.
  5. Experience with working with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities preferred.
  6. Ability to relate positive image to participants, their families, support people and the community.
  7. Ability to work with peers, staff, and Executive Director and show initiative.
  8. Ability to supervise others and maintain a positive image.
  9. Able to communicate proficiently in oral and written forms.


The Arc Dearborn’s Executive Director.