Advocacy at The Arc Dearborn As part of its mission, The Arc Dearborn is actively engaged in direct-action advocacy within our local communities.   While each case is unique, The Arc Dearborn delivers services directly to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. What does advocacy look like at the local level? Adrian, the Aspiring Actor See Adrian, the Aspiring Actor on YouTube. Sam Jenkins Motivates See Sam Jenkins Motivates on YouTube. The Story of Annika and Maya See The Story of Annika and Maya on YouTube. David is a 45 year-old man whose parents have been his primary caregivers. Due to their own health issues, David’s parents are no longer able to care for him as they once were. David’s sister, Janet, knows there are programs to help provide for his care, but she doesn’t know where to begin… Amanda is an eleven year-old who’s been having difficulties in school for some time. Her resource teacher recently suggested she might do better in a program for children with “special needs.” Her mother isn’t convinced that would the best option for her… Julia is a new mom whose baby was diagnosed with Autism. She is scared and doesn’t know where to turn. She has heard that early intervention is important but doesn’t know where to go… Nadjia is a 25 year-old woman who moved into a new group home last year. Her brother has been visiting her twice each week, and she looks forward to spending time with him. On his latest visit, he noticed she had a bandage on her upper arm. A staff member told him that she fell last week, but it wasn’t anything serious… Kevin is a 50 year-old man who shares an apartment with his best friend, David. They enjoy making meals they see on television. Kevin has been offered a job at a local grocery store, but there are no bus lines in his neighborhood and he’s not sure how he would get to work in the winter… Thanks to our affiliated agencies and the generous support of our members and sponsors, The Arc Dearborn is able to provide advocacy services to our community at no charge.

To request an Arc Advocate, please contact:

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